Monday, April 8, 2013

Illustration Friday # 23: URBAN

I was determined to do the Illustration Friday prompt again this week. I pulled out an assignment I did for the class I took last semester at RISD in Adobe Illustrator. We were asked to do a copy of a travel poster, which was lots of fun. After I finished it, I worked on a travel poster for Providence, RI, where I live. This one isn't a copy, but designed using several photos I took of the obelisk and Courthouse  downtown. After finishing it up today, I lost the new work, so I did a quick Photoshop touch up for some of the final details. (sigh).

Providence ©Cheryl Kirk Noll


  1. Beautiful travel poster and nice new blog's theme!

  2. Cheryl, I love how the city name mirrors the obelisk and court house tower. And how the foreground with flowers gives the impression it's an ant's eye view! Very nice.

  3. Neat! And really different than you're usual work--which I was talking about to fourth and fifth graders in East Providence today.
    Were your ears ringing?