Saturday, April 27, 2013

IF # 25: TRAIN

I didn't manage to post the piece I worked on for this weeks Illustration Friday on time, but here it is. My thinking... you must TRAIN your eye to become an artist.

© Cheryl Kirk Noll, watercolor and colored pencil
I had started this some time ago, but I reformatted it, reworked the main character and added some details. It is for a project I'm working on with my friend Linda.


  1. So so nice! Love the colors and the wonderful texture you create in the hair and curtains.

  2. I loved the girl's expression the first time I saw it, but just noticed the gorgeous detail on the woman's chair. Your technique works beautifully with this, Cheryl.

  3. Jeanette and Madame's expressions are wonderfully complex, with great depth of character. And each time a look at this painting I see dazzling new details. It's gorgeous!