Saturday, April 27, 2013

My friend Linda's new Book: When Rivers Burned

Linda and Lisa signing their book, When Rivers Burned: The Earth Day Story
Last weekend, I attended a book launch for my friend and writing buddy's new book, "When River's Burned: The Earth Day Story."

Linda Crotta Brennan gave a fascinating presentation at the Audubon Society in Bristol, RI, and signed books with the illustrator and designer, Lisa Greenleaf.

While telling the story of how Earth Day began, this book reminds us that pollution had become a serious issue, and that we should remain vigilant about caring for the earth we inhabit. It is written for 8-12 year olds, although it's a fascinating read for adults as well.

Publisher Muriel Dubois was on hand for the event as well.

I had a surprise treat when I saw that the book that I contributed to, "Women of the Ocean State: 25 Rhode Island Women You Should Know," had just been shipped, and I got my advance copies. Hooray!


  1. A published author you are! Any news on that adorable book about Henry?

  2. Nothing too new. Reworking and tightening.