Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Joys of Summer in RI

An amusing tree, seen in the park near RISD

I've been absent from the internet for the much of the summer because I've been busy. I just finished  teaching Children's Book Illustration for Summer Studies at RISD. What a great group of students! We spent 2 full days in class each week for 6 weeks developing the many skills needed to illustrate children's books.
I couldn't have asked for a better group... hard-working and talented. Here they are.
RISD Summer Studies Children's Book Illustration students
Students do a light study from a model.
We had child models, worked in multiple media, had Judith Moffatt as a guest lecturer, and more. We even had a video crew come interview us. If this Youtube video works, it's about the company that does the videos (Animal), and has a few seconds of clips from our class.

A fun and productive work day in the studio of artist and friend, Judith Moffatt

On the home front, I've been busy working on a picture book dummy, and getting lots of feedback from my writer's group , artist's group, friends and family before sending it off to my rep. She'll be shopping it in New York next week. (fingers crossed)
A fringe benefit of my writing group... blueberries picked fresh from Linda Crotta Brennan's garden.

 Hubby and I have taken many late afternoon summer jaunts to various RI spots. What a great state little Rhody is. From woods and lakes, to rocky beaches, to wetland coves, there is endless beauty in this remarkable state.

down Hopkinton way

a cove south of Pawtuxet Village on a cloudy day... Queen Anne's lace (ammi majus) in it's glory

Point Judith lighthouse. Always a treat.

Oh... and we're getting our house painted. So, there's the summer (so far) wrap-up.


  1. Great post, Cheryl, with beautiful photos as always! See you soon!

  2. Love the photos, especially the one of my blueberries. Love your new picture book endeavor too.
    Fingers crossed.