Friday, December 9, 2011

Illustratin Friday #8: Separated

Loss, from The Crane Wife, illustrations ©Cheryl Kirk Noll
The Crane Wife is a well known Japanese folktale. It begins as a story of love and caring, when a poor woodcutter saves the life of an injured Japanese crane. Good fortune follows,  but he allows greed and pride to overcome compassion and thankfulness. 

Thus, he is separated from what he holds dear.

 © illustrations by Cheryl Kirk Noll, The Crane Wife, by Ena Keo
I'm thankful that I was asked to illustrate this story early in career.  
The book includes a few images that are still among my favorites.


  1. This is petty cool. I love the sky.

  2. i love the flying crane. and the red leaves. i feel the wind. nice one.

  3. gorgeous illustration and story to accompany it

  4. Thanks to each of you for your thoughtful comments. Much appreciated.

  5. Good lesson and beautiful illustration.

  6. Your painting has wonderful composition... I think I can smell the crisp autumn air. It is just lovely.