Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden Obsession

I've had a garden in my postage stamp yard for years, but for some reason, it's gone wild this year. I can't say how much pleasure I've gotten from walking around the "back 40," deadheading and taking pix and smelling the flowers. Here are a few pix on this rainy Wednesday.

Stella d'oro (reblooming daylily)

Sedum sieboldii (stonecrop)

Stella d'oro and astilbe.

Feverfew, foxglove, Campanula poscharskyana

Here are a few from a sunny day last week.

Blue-star creeper, Isotoma fluviatillis (love this stuff!)

clematis and golden shower roses

garden going wild!


  1. Your garden may be wild... but absolutely gorgeous wild!

  2. Love it! Tell me more about the lovely blue star creeper.

  3. Isotoma fluviatillis aka blue star creeper. I've read that it's zone 6-9, but it has come back for 3 years in my yard, and it spreads nicely. Sometimes called laurentia, but apparently that is incorrect. I've gotten it at Jacvoni's in Johnston and Briggs in Attleboro. Stepables sells it.

  4. Wow! I love the pathway!