Monday, March 23, 2015

Mandala making with Ms. Moffatt

Judith tries two versions of her
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending the day with my friend and fellow artist, Judith Moffatt. During the relaxing and enjoyable afternoon, we colored some of her "meditative mandalas."

Coloring books have been in the news recently. Both The Atlantic and Christian Science magazine had articles this month touting coloring as having the ability to lower stress, aid relaxation, and improve sleep and attention spans.

Mandala is the word for circle in Sanskrit, and this form of art has been around for thousands of years. Tibetan Buddhists create them with colored sand. Carl Jung used coloring mandalas as a calming exercise in his practice.

They have also been shown to be great for older folks.  They are great way to stay engaged and active, with or without company, even if you have mobility issues.

Of course, we know that kids have always loved coloring books.

Judith now has two mandala coloring books, and each can be purchased for a mere $10.00/ shipping included. They are available at Ms. Moffatt's etsy shop. 
  • Her first is Ms. Moffatt's Meditative Mandalas, for young to the old (otherwise know as young at heart). It is filled with symbolic art, explanations of the symbols, and ways to think about color and a color palette.
  • The second is Ms. Moffatt's Merry Mandalas, and although it still great for adults, the art is a bit simpler and more playful, and great for kids too. 

If you live in the area, Judith is having a book and art sale and signing tomorrow. Ms. Moffatt's Mandala Art Exhibit and Book Signing,  Saturday 3/28/15 at TC Scoops Ice Cream Parlor, 100 Main Street, Medway Shopping Center, Route 109, Medway, MA. Free coloring book pages to try, art display, her new mandala book for autographing and the best ice cream in town.
My 1st grade grand-neice enjoys coloring Meditative Mandalas

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