Tuesday, January 20, 2015

RISD Winter Weekend Watercolor Intensive, 2015

This past weekend, I enjoyed the beautiful views of Narragansett Bay from RISD's Tillinghast Farm in Barrington, RI, while working with students eager to learn more about watercolor.

We spent all day Saturday doing exercises to explore materials, mark- making, color combinations, properties such as staining and granulating, and the interaction of wetness, paper and pigment. 

Bethany worked on a dog portrait.
Michael did several paintings using a big brush technique.
Kate worked on the subtle gradations of color to create this beaded jewelry.

Priyankar took a step away from his usual work as a chemical engineer.
We laid washes, used salt and resists, and went through step by step procedures that watercolor artist's use.

On Sunday, each student came prepared to work on a personal project or two to put their new skills into practice, and we shared and critiqued the days work before heading home.

A big thanks to each and every student for sharing your talents and enthusiasm... teaching this class was a pleasure!
Stephen had a great view as he worked on painting puffins.
Barbara used washes, salt, and resist to complete her paintings
Fred did 3 paintings, including a monochromatic landscape that had great impact.
Richard worked to improve his watercolor skills for the natural science illustration certificate.
Amanda used blues, violets and roses to create wet on wet skies.
Rayne used resit to create wheat colored grasses against a dark blue sky.
Mandy underpainted layered washes to create space, and planned to glaze colors next.
Here is is after Mandy finished glazing the colors on at home.
Gloria used Derwent Inktense pencils to add texture to her abstract painting.

Donna dropped colors into her background wash to add interest.

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