Friday, September 27, 2013

Latest Work: Cover for Cobblestone Magazine, October 2013

©Cheryl Kirk Noll, Cover Illustration for October 2013 Cobblestone Magazine
My latest work just hit the newstands... the October cover for
Cobblestone Magazine: Valley Forge, The Real Story. Cobblestone is an American History magazine for young people.

©Cheryl Kirk Noll, "Black Regiment of the American Revolution."
I was pleased when the designer for Cobblestone asked me to do a cover about Valley Forge. I'd already done research about VF when I worked on "The Black Regiment of the American Revolution."

The focus for this illustration was on 17-year old Joseph Plumb Martin. He marched into Valley Forge with the Continental Army in 1777, and it is believed that he kept a journal of his experiences. At the age of 70, he wrote his memoirs, considered the best first-person account of the life of a private soldier in the Revolutionary War.

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  1. Loved seeing it in person. Can I say that? Cobblestone is large magazine that really showcases the cover artist.
    LOVE it!