Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Visit with Mom

It's a long drive to visit my mom, but I make sure to do it at least a few times every year. It's wonderful to stay at her farm, sit on the porch swing, and just hang out!

We had an extra treat this year. A lifelong friend flew up from Florida for her 40th high school reunion and stayed with Mom, too.  My son and husband came along, and we got to see my niece perform with a cast of talented school children in Newark United Methodist's church camp "Music Factory." We also enjoyed a great chicken dinner at my brother's Meeting House.

It was a visit I'll remember fondly.

Judy Heck Lowry and my  mom

An alpaca from "Alpaca Fields." Love the way he eats!

My brother and his wife. Could these tomatoes look any fresher?

It was a treat to gather with most of my family, as well as our family friend, Judy.
The coat id's this Biblical favorite.
My niece played Eve.
My mom's favorite tenant, who calls her "Early." It's a mutual love affair with these two!


  1. Those tomatoes do look luscious, and you had great weather! Nice pictures. So cool your mom has lamas. See you soon.

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