Saturday, July 27, 2013

July in Rhode Island, 2013

It's been strange weather this summer. Hot, hot, hot for weeks, then cool and rainy. Still, it's been lots of fun with teaching a summer class at RISD, working on a book dummy, doing a job for Cobblestone Magazine, and enjoying lots of social events.

A pool party at my friend Linda's with our writer's group was great. The highlight for me was picking sweet blueberries from her extensive garden with these enthusiastic folks. 

I also enjoyed a trip to Pawtuxet Village with my hubby on a spectacular summer day. Pawtuxet is best known for it's early revolutionary fervor, when two boatloads of men captured the crew and burned the Gaspee in 1772, a ship sent by King George III to enforce British trade laws.

I love the water views, with marinas and New England houses, and you can find fantastic scenes like this all along Rhode Island's coasts. Of course we stopped for ice cream at Dear Hearts Ice Cream Parlor, and gave thanks that no revolutions were brewing in Rhode Island that day.
Coming into the Village.

Looking west from the same bridge... what a difference.
Looking east from the bridge in Pawtuxet Village.

Another fine day trip took us to Portsmouth, Tiverton and Little Compton.  We took a spin around the coves in northeast Portsmouth, Island Park, Long Neck, Old Orchard and Blue Bill, and past the remnants of the long-gone Stone Bridge. We crossed the new bridge (the one that is causing controversy because of tolls). The views along Route 77 south are spectacular, and the drives along back roads in Little Compton were bucolic, in the full flush of summer.
A view of Gould Island from Park Ave. in Portsmouth.

We also enjoyed a trip to Bristol, one of our favorite stops in Rhode Island. I was fascinated by the precariousness of this waterside foundation. 
in Bristol, RI

This week was inspiring, as I met with artist friends and soaked in the talent of the folks around me. Not only did I meet with my artist's group, Freelance Artist's Network at a member's lovely home in Falmouth, but I also attended a tea party with artist friends in Medway. I saw oil paintings, jewelry, illustrations, licensing art, acrylic abstract paintings, pastel and ink sketches, greeting cards, and so much more. I always come away from these meetings re-invigorated. (I was also able to get valuable feedback on the book dummy I've been working on.)

Freelance Artist's Network (thanks for the photo, Judy)

Dale, me, Kay Life, Ruth F., Ruth L. and Judy (our fine hostess)

And one more trip to Bristol for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law on a perfect summer evening. Dinner by the water, and a stroll along the waterfront walkway and park looking across Bristol Harbor to Poppasquash Point.

The harbor in Bristol, Rhode Island
A beautiful sunset in RI

And last (for July), but not least... the sunset at Oakland Beach while we enjoyed Iggy's clam cakes and chowder!
The view after enjoying clam chowder at Iggy's.

 Summer passes quickly, and July is almost done. I'm glad I was able to enjoy friends and students and creative work and my beautiful surroundings during this fleeting time. I am blessed.

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