Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illustration Friday # 20: RETURN (of spring)

We New Englander's long for the RETURN of spring, even when the winter is mild, as it was this year. So for this week's Illustration Friday prompt word, RETURN, I reveled in the RETURN of spring.

 I've worked in the garden several times this week, enjoying the seasonably cool weather, and marveling at how everything is several weeks ahead of the normal schedule for bloom-time!

For this illustration, I used a friend's daughter as a model, and had spring on my mind.

Here are a few photos of my spring garden from other years. The tulips haven't quite popped yet this year.


  1. very lovely and sweet illustration!

  2. Beautiful! Love the way you've added pattern to the background, flowers and dress. It has such a lively feel - definitely says spring has sprung!

  3. So sweet and full of life. The patterns really help focus on the girl and bird.

  4. Beautiful style! I love the yellow bird. Wonderful patterns and textures.

  5. What a wonderful image! I love the patterns and colors. Lovely work!!

  6. How lovely!

    The goldfinches out here in Colorado haven't fully turned into their spring plumage yet; they're still a ragtag feathered patchwork of green and yellow.

    1. I used some artistic license, Laura.(ha ha) I live in the city, so I never get to see the real thing. sigh
      Thanks to everyone for your comments. You've encouraged me to do more with the textured technique I used here.

  7. Very lovely illustration, Cheryl! Enjoyed the spring photos too! Nice post!

  8. Sweat illustration! How romantic the sea of all the purple flowers is !!!

  9. So sweet illustration and your garden is beautiful!!