Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illustration Friday # 17: YIELD

© Illustration by Cheryl Kirk Noll
Once again, I've been remiss in my attempts to get a new piece out for Illustration Friday, so here is another older piece for the word YIELD.

This was an illustration for a story about a woman homesteader in the 1920's. Among the mountainload of problems that homesteaders faced was the dreaded "plague of locusts" (the swarming phase of grasshoppers), which could strip a farmer's summer yield in minutes. What a heartbreak that must have been.

This piece was one of the first where I employed the use of Photoshop. I hope that you will find it difficult to see how I cloned, copied, and re-sized after painting the first half of this piece. Did I save time?

Hmmmmm. I think so, but the Photoshop process is time-consuming and involves drawing and design skills, too, so I don't want folks to think it was a cinch.

Here's a close-up of part of the piece.
©Illustration by Cheryl Kirk Noll

Hopefully, next week will YIELD a new piece for Illustration Friday.


  1. Very pretty and scary!
    Oh, I can't imagine the heartache of seeing hard work and food disappear so quickly.
    Gorgeous illustration.

  2. Dramatically beautiful! (or beautifully dramatic.) I couldn't tell it was photoshopped).

  3. Thanks, everyone. If you're interested in homesteading,I would definitely recommend a middle-grade/YA novel by Kirby Larson called "Hattie Big Sky." It is also set during WW I, and is told from a teenage orphan girl's POV. The story also deals with prejudice against German Americans during WW I. A good read. (It was a Newberry Honor Book for 2006 as well.)

  4. Very cool use of photo shop! I love your scrape away look technique. Very effective for this piece.